In conjunction with the services below, A Gift of Time™, LLC will act as general contractor and advocate for you, your family or loved one. We work collaboratively with attorneys, accountants, trust officers, realtors, moving companies and other professionals to ensure our client’s needs are fulfilled.

Moving & Relocation

  • Professional packing and inventories
  • Professional unpacking and household set-up
  • Coordination and site management of moving companies during pick-up and delivery of households
  • Coordination and site management of cleaning crews and contractors
  • Complete layout of new home prior to move
  • Coordination with out-of-state Certified Relocation & Transition Specialists™

Right Sizing

  • Lifestyle based needs analysis
  • Inventory assessments
  • Divestment of personal property
    • A Gift of Time maintains a reputable referral network that allows our clients to financially benefit from the sale of personal belongings.  Examples include: consignment stores, auction houses, and Internet sellers.
      • Medication disposal
      • Scrapping
        • A Gift of Time will ensure you get current market value for precious metals including: gold, silver, brass, copper and tin.
      • Donations
        • A Gift of Time will honor your preference for where donations are allocated.
      • Professional Document Shredding
        • A Gift of Time partners with reputable document management firms to ensure your personal documents are securely destroyed.
      • Shipping Services
        • A Gift of Time partners with professional shipping companies capable of moving furniture, automobiles, art work and other valuables cross country.

Chronic Disorganization

  • Trash and hazardous material removal services
  • Coordination and site management of cleaning crews and contractors
  • Lifestyle based re-organization planning and execution


Referral Network

25 years of experience in the Southeastern Wisconsin marketplace enables A Gift of Time™, LLC to confidently refer: movers, medication managers, care giving agencies, cleaning crews, driver services, appraisal services, real estate brokers, accountants, attorneys, home improvement specialists.

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